We affirm and promote the search for truth and meaning as a life-long endeavor.

What is the RE program?

For a relatively small fellowship, we have an active religious education program at UUFKC.  Many congregants – with or without children – actively participate in teaching and planning activities for our children.

Currently we teach RE classes at four different age levels (listed below).

Our lessons occur every other Sunday, after the religious service (see calendar).

During the service, the youngest children (mostly ages 2-9) begin in the sanctuary and after a “story for all ages” are sung out to the activities building for free-play.   We employ three babysitters, two of whom attend each Sunday, to watch the youngest children during the service.

We ask children above the age of 10 to remain in our sanctuary during the service to participate in the worship life of our congregation.  We ask our service leaders to consider the presence of the older children not to “dumb down” our service, but to create an environment that is welcoming to all ages.

We have three “quarters” – each quarter lasting three months.  The goal is for the children to have a consistent RE teacher for the three month period.  We recruit four teachers each to serve for a three-month period teaching lessons every other Sunday.


Ages 2-6 –  The “Pre-K and Kindergarten” Group.  Continuing from 2012-2013, we are using the Chalice Children curriculum.  On a typical Sunday we have between 4 and 8 children that participate in the lessons in this age group.


Ages 6-9 – The “Elementary Age” Group.  For 2013-2014 we are excited to add a new program for Elementary School age children.  We will be using the “Signs of Our Faith” curriculum for this age group to introduce the concepts of Unitarian Universalism.  We typically have between 2-4 children in this age group at our lessons.  The curriculum may be found at http://www.uua.org/re/tapestry/children/signs/index.shtml.


Ages 10 – 13 – The “Tween” age group.  For 2013-2014, we will have three 13-year-olds participating in our “Coming of Age” Service scheduled for March 30, 2014.  The young teenagers will learn about their own faith and then share their lessons with the congregation on March 30, 2014.  The “Coming of Age” program curriculum will be used for this age group.


Ages 14 -17 – The “Youth Group”.  We have two members of the Youth Group who have grown up with our church.  Both participated in the Coming of Age program March of 2012.  They play an active role in developing the “Services for all Ages” that we have conducted in 2012-2013.  We are very proud of the leadership shown by our Youth Group, who largely direct their own curriculum.


Who are we?

The religious education program is directed by the RE Committee.  Currently the committee is chaired by Andy Kendall.  Andy is a local public defender who has a four year-old daughter participating in religious education.  Many other parents and non-parents take an active role in the committee.  The diversity of the committee serves as one of our great strengths.  The committee works well together at solving problems as they arise.


What are our goals?

Over the summer we met and explored what we want to achieve in Religious Education for 2013-2014.  Below are the three goals we identified.

1.      Depth and Insight – Go Deeper in our own understanding of our faith

2.      Community Building – Build deeper relationships amongst each other and attract new families to our beloved community

3.      Richer Intergenerational Service  – Worship together in a way that connects everyone from 8 to 80.


For more information, contact the Director of Religious Education listed on the Our Leaders page.