Defined as “the belief or assertion that a particular statement is true based on the intuition or perceptions of some individual or individuals, without regard to evidence, logic, intellectual examination, or facts.  Truthiness can range from ignorant assertions of falsehoods to deliberate duplicity or propaganda … read more.

“Wading to Exhale”

Our speaker will be ministerial candidate Mathew Taylor.

I fondly and prophetically called 2017 the year of the Phoenix — the year of the phoenix was a year of destruction and endings.  What happens when you feel you have lost everything?  What do you do when … read more.


More Past Services


Note:  To see our worship services from September 2015 on, please visit our Facebook page.

8/30        Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Mysticism in Our Daily Lives”

8/23        Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “The Big Take Away”

8/16         Social Justice Committee – “Acting on the Side of Love”

8/9          Kate Braestrop (video recording) – “Hope is a Thing with Fangs”

8/2          Ronni Ponek

7/26        Chris Frank and Andy Kendall – Faithify Service

7/19         Adam Dyer – “Are You Ready for Equity?”

7/12         Andy Kendall, et al – General Assembly Sunday

7/5           Elaine LeCain – “How Can I Keep from Singing?”

6/28        Jeannie Parent & Catalina Mendiola – Kern Welcoming & Extending Solidarity to Immigrants (KWESI) Project

6/21        “We are Each Other’s Business:  A Look at Religious Bigotry in our Community”

6/14        Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy”

6/7          Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Where Do You Want to Go?”

5/31        Members of the Bakersfield Transexual Community

5/24        Andy Kendall and LArry Taylor – “Is God a Taoist?”

5/17        Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Blessing Our Sacred Animals”

5/10       Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Honoring the Goddess – A Mother’s Day Celebration”

5/3         Irene Heath – “You’re Only Changing One Word… A Personal Relationship with Reality – Robert G. Ingersoll, the Great Infidel”

4/26       Don Gaede and Danny Vartan – “What Can Unitarian Universalists do about Climate Change?”

4/19        Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Bridging and Beyond”

4/12        Heather Ponek – “Salvation in UU Music”

4/5          Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “A Unitarian Universalist Easter Celebration”

3/29        Rev. Lee Marie Sanchez – “Moving Right Along”

3/22        Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Letting Go to Experience and Abundant Life”

3/15         Anna Laven – “UU Parenting”

3/8          Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Listen to the Wisdom of the Great Teachers – Let Go, Change, and Grow”

3/1           Jack Hernandez – “Suicide:  A Personal and Philosophical Reflection”

2/22        Catalina Mendiola – “Building Relationships”

2/15        Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Prayer as a Spiritual Practice”

2/8          Wilma Goodloe – “Black Trailblazers and Missed Opportunities in UUism”

2/1          Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “The Spiritual Practice of the Mystic”

1/25        Marit MacArthur – “Doubt, Wonder, Church”

1/18        Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Grace and King”

1/11.        Andy Kendall – “UU Common Read for 2014-15”

1/4          Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “A Grace-Full Mission”




12/28        Lois Watson – “Looking Forward and Looking Back”

12/21        Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche – Christmas Service

12/14        Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Peace on Earth, Good Will to All”

12/7          Mar Cardenas Loutzenhizer – “Crossing Borders, Political and Otherwise”

11/30        Liora Gubkin Malicdem – “In Faith and Gratitude – Sanctuary and a Place to Call Home”

11/23        Vic King – “Reincarnation and Buddhism”

11/16        Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “A Youth-Full Service”

11/9          Dick Taylor – “Our Veterans”

11/2          Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Embracing an Attitude of Gratitude”

10/26       Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Unity and Diversity:  Fall Celebrations of Life”

10/19        Anna Laven – “Education in Our Community”

10/12        Marina Oja – “Aging and Saging”

10/5         Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Unity and Diversity:  Becoming A Multicultural Community”

9/28         Prof. Gonzalo Santos – “North American Peoplehood:  Catching Up with Cyrus the Great”

9/21          Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Am I Really Called?”

9/14          Pam Bernhard – “Hunger in Kern County – What Do We Do About It?”

9/7            Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Vocation / Calling from an Interfaith Perspective”

8/31          Rev. Derek Wrigley – “A Window’s View of the Pagan Path”

8/24          Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Love Reaches Out:  Reflections on General Assembly”

8/17          Liora Gubkin – “What Comes After ‘Coming of Age’?”

8/10          Arvid Straube – “Why Spiritual, But Not Religious, Isn’t Enough”

8/3             Kathleen McGregor – “Unitarian Universalist Use of the Internet “

7/27          Brandi Groven and Irene Heath – “Laughter and Poetry”

7/20          Daniel Likins – “From Homelessness to NASA”

7/13          Lois Watson – “Aweism: The Religion From The Beginning of Time”

7/6            Larry Taylor – “What’s So Great About the Gettsyburg Address?”

6/29          Marina Oja – “What’s the Secret to a Happy Relationship?”

6/22          Adam Sawyer – “Fathers & Father Surrogates”

6/15          Minister Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Faith, Hope, & Love in a Difficult World”

6/8            Arturo Rodriguez (President of United Farm Workers) – “Justice for Farm Workers”

6/1            Minister Summer Albayati-Krikeche and Andy Kendall – “Religious Education as a Shared Journey”

5/25         Irene Heath – “The Cosmos and Carl Sagan”

5/18         Minister Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “In Search of Transcendence…”

5/11         Mirna Troncoso – “Food Decisions in the Central Valley:  The Interdependent Web of Which We Are a Part”

5/4           Minister Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Blessing the Animals that Bless Us”

4/27        Cydney Henderson – “Standing on the Side of Love”

4/20        Minister Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Resurrecting the Easter Bunny”

4/13         Harry Love, President of the Bakersfield Audobon Society – “The Role Birds Play in Our Life”

4/6            Minister Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “A Passover Lesson”

3/30         Andy Kendall – Intergenerational Service – Coming of Age

3/23         Irene Heath – “Where Have All the Old Gods Gone”

3/16         Minister Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Brokenness and Society”

3/9           Pamela Gehrke – “Reflections on Sadness”

3/2           Minister Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Brokenness and the Self”

2/23        UUFKC Actors Guild – “The Grand Inquisitor”

2/16        Minister Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “May I Be Filled with Loving Kindness”

2/9          Marina Oja – “They are Rude.  I am Busy.”

2/2          Minister Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “The Greatest of Love:  Agape”

1/26        Anna Laven – “Justice for Women”

1/19        Minister Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Environmental Justice is the Issue?”

1/12        Andy Kendall – “The New Jim Crow”

1/5           Minister Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Social Justice & Spirituality”



12/27     Larry Taylor – “The Christmas Nativity Story and The Bible”

12/22     Minister Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “A Season of Hope”

12/15     Andy Kendall – Intergenerational Service

12/8       Minister Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Hope & Waiting”

12/1        AJ Blackwood – “A NUU Season of Preparation”

11/24     Minister Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Articulating Our Faith”

11/17     Rev. Deb DeBoer – “Changing the Narrative”

11/10     Minister Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Keepers of the Faith”

11/3        Andy Kendall – “Reflections on our UUA Common Read – Behind the Kitchen Door

10/27     Minister Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Reflections on Death & Dying”

10/20     Brandi Groven – “Pagan Ideas of Death & Rebirth”

10/13     Minister Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Death Around the World”

10/5       Larry Taylor – “The Controversial Thought of Richard Dawkins”

9/29       Minister Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Forgiveness:  A Pathway to Peace?”

9/22       Guest Speakers from HALT – “Animal Rescue”

9/15       Intergenerational service

9/8         Elaine LeCain – “Water Communion”

9/1          Minister Summer Albayati-Krikeche – “Callings”