Each Sunday we come together at the UU Fellowship of Kern County to celebrate our lives in a community.  As Unitarian Universalists we agree to connect in a way that affirms and promotes the interdependent web of life.  This interdependence is reliant on the fact that remember that for a variety of reasons many in our local community and congregation can not be with us on Sunday mornings. We want to offer a way for our members of our community to participate in the life of the congregation in their own space and time.

We have created this space for you to be able to engage in the life of congregation by sharing in the themes, readings, and message of the month.


How to conduct a home service:


Step 1 – Designate a space.

The space where you intend to hold your service should be a space you hold dear to your heart and feeds your spirit.  This can be anywhere in your home, outside in a garden or park, before a home altar or hospital bed, or if you are traveling in your hotel room.  You can also choose to have this service alone or with someone else.  If you would like someone from the congregation to join you. Please let us know.


Step 2 – Gather Service Aids

For some spiritual artifacts are important to their spiritual growth.  These can include items such as candles, singing bowls, sacred writings, musical instruments, recorded music or chant, incense, artwork, prayer beads and much more.  Each month we will provide a selection of items such as readings and music to assist with your service. In keeping with our Unitarian Universalist tradition, we do recommend that you have some type of chalice or candle (electric or live flame) available.  Also a large selection of our readings and music will come from our hymnal, Singing the Living the Tradition.


Step 3 – Designate a time

This is probably the most difficult part of conducting a home service ~ setting aside time to actually do it. You will need approximately 30 minutes for your service, of course the amount of time will vary on what you include in your service. While you can have your service at any time of the day.  Most people prefer to hold it, in the early morning before or with their morning coffee or at night before retiring for the evening.  The most important thing you need to consider is to determine when you when you can be uninterrupted and set aside distractions. This needs to be a time when you can put away your cell phone, shut off your TV and clear your mind of any other task,


Step 4 – Create Your Service

Each service should be your own.  There is no right or wrong way to hold it.  For some people their service will be very free form with single reading, song, and mediation while for others there maybe lots of ritual around lighting a chalice, formal prayer,  readings etc.  The only goal of the service is to deepen your spiritual growth, and understanding of the world around you.  For some this could mean connecting with a higher power or form of the divine for others this could include personal reflection.


We have included in our monthly theme resource sheet a few suggestions of readings and songs, from Singing the Living Tradition and other online resources.  Please feel free to use them in any way that fit your needs.

  • Opening Words
  • Chalice Lighting
  • Reading
  • Mediation
  • Message
  • Closing Words


Please contact us to let us know if you would like someone to share a home service with you.