Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche

“An Easter Eggs-travaganza!”

Join us for an intergenerational Easter service this Sunday.  We guarantee there will be fun and laughter and an Easter Egg Hunt!  Now where is that silly rabbit?  Come and find out!

“Pledging to Heal Our Brokenness”

Today marks the beginning of the pledge drive.  As a spiritual community, how does pledging fulfill our need to heal ourselves and heal the world?  

“Mission Possible”

Let’s take a closer look at the new Mission Statement and how this beloved community can use it to focus on healing a broken world.  Mission possible?  Yes!

“How Do I Truly Love My Enemy?”

This month’s theme is “Love.”  So on this first Sunday, we answer that age old question: how do we love our enemy?  Join us for a New Member Ceremony where we will welcome new members into this beloved community!