Rev. Summer Albayati-Krikeche

“The Gift”

This will be Rev. Summer’s last sermon.  Come and find out what she means by “The Gift” as well as participate in worship with her one last time before she leaves our beloved community.  You won’t want to miss this service!

“The Architecture of Tolerance”

Come and hear this sermon topic chosen by Don Renfro after he won it at the last Live Auction fundraiser.  What will Rev. Summer say about this topic chosen by Don?  Come and find out!

“Transcending Fears”

Fears can stop us in our tracks and inhibit our ability to move forward and take chances in life.  How can we transcend our fears?

“Transformation In Process”

Sometimes we may think that transformation is the end goal.  But what if transformation was, in fact, the process?  What then?  How would that shift in thinking change us?