Speaker: Elaine LeCain

“We Begin Again in Love”

There are so many ways we have fallen short, including judging ourselves and others.  In addition to exploring the theme of Forgiveness, we will participate in a ritual/meditation designed to restore our experience of unity as “we begin again in love”.

Birth and Light:  Music and Words for this Season

Flowers:  Members & friends, please bring poinsettias or other seasonal floral arrangements to decorate the chapel, just for this service (then take your plants home)!

Refreshments:  Members & friends, please bring cookies or other easy finger-foods, for a light & easy Christmas snack potluck after the … read more.

Water Communion Ritual Service

This service will be our annual water communion ritual.  Plan to bring water from your summer travels.  (It can be “faux” water, if you didn’t bring any home.)  Please feel encouraged to offer your ideas on how you want to share with our beloved community … read more.