AJ Blackwood

“Amazing Grace”

Grace is often seen as a gift from God, but it is also something we give and receive every day.  Every day we as UUs offer the gift of grace to those around us who have hurt us by continuing to offer people a opportunity to change and transform.  We will be exploring what it … Continued

“Waters of Life” (Water Communion)

PLEASE BRING with you a case of WATER or some other item such as REUSABLE WATER BOTTLES that can be distributed to people in our community who do not have ready access to drinking water. Many UU’s around the world celebrate “Water Communion” in a variety of ways.  Generally speaking we bring water from our … Continued

“Defeating Hades”

Often it is through death that birth and new life springs forward.  As we enter Spring, we will be looking at the theme of Birth and this Sunday we will focus on how spiritual birth and rebirth often happen after there is a shedding of the past.  Pastor AJ will be exploring what it means … Continued

“Building Trust”

During this service we will focus on the questions: “What does it mean to build trust?”  People often say, “Trust is earned and not given.”  Is this a healthy way to approach community life?  Everyday we are asked to trust one another.  What does it mean to put our faith and trust in each other … Continued

“The Hands of God”

During this month we will be exploring the concept of embodiment.  How do we embody our faith here at home?  We will be looking at the local impact we can make in our community.  Asking how do we act with our own hands to transform the lives of each other and our neighbors.  In addition … Continued