“An Open Mind, a Better Point of View, a Fresh Start: A UU Easter!”

It is rare for Unitarian Universalists to have faith in a bodily revival of Jesus’s body.  Scarce is the UU that trusts that Jesus meaningfully forfeited his life to compensate for the iniquities of humankind or that only by his loss and our acceptance in Him can we be saved.  Unitarian Universalists chiefly say, if we think of resurrection at all, it is inside ourselves, as individuals, and not associated with bodily demise.  This type of resurrection may include possibly dreams, or visions, or spiritual experience, an changed state of awareness — of our own Odin/Persephone/Krishna/Buddha/Christ Nature appearing to us after a spiritual “unmaking” spinning our Selves around so they can be renewed to impart and speak and reconcile and test… and speak truth to the power of our time.