“Waters of Life” (Water Communion)

PLEASE BRING with you a case of WATER or some other item such as REUSABLE WATER BOTTLES that can be distributed to people in our community who do not have ready access to drinking water.

Many UU’s around the world celebrate “Water Communion” in a variety of ways.  Generally speaking we bring water from our travels of the summer, pour some of that water into a communal vessel and share reflective story.  This year we will be celebrating water communion in a different way.  We will celebrate the life that water has given us and how we can use water to give life to another.  Many suffer in Kern County from a lack of water.  As we enter the warmer months of the year many people who are homeless will not have access to clean drinking water.  During this service, we will be asking each of you to bring water to share with the community and reflections of a time when you were thirsty.