There are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities at UUFKC, ranging from committee participation to one-time commitments to donating goods or services.


Here are a few of our current opportunities:


Finance Committee Members

We are seeking members for our new Finance Committee, who will work on budget and fundraising issues, as well as collaborate with the Board on setting and achieving our Fellowship vision and strategy.  Contact Bill Stevenson or Nancy Renfro, if interested.


Donation of toys and games for childcare

We are in need of gently used toys and games for childcare during worship.  Balls and outdoor toys are especially welcome.  Contact Bill Stevenson for specific details on what we most need.


Donations of technology

We are in search of a digital video recorder and perhaps a laptop for use during worship.  The video recorder would be used to record sermons for upload to a future YouTube site, to allow people who miss worship to still enjoy the sermon, as well as to attract new members.  For this reason we are looking for a relatively recent model, to make uploading simple.  The laptop would be used to project our Order of Service on the wall each week, allowing us to be more “green” by avoiding printing hard copy OOS’s.  It would need to be able to display a PowerPoint slideshow and run Air Parrot.  Contact Bill Stevenson or Jane Myneni if you might like to donate these items.


Unikern Editor

We would like to revive our congregation newsletter, The Unikern.  It could be published monthly or quarterly, depending on the new editor’s availability.  We send it as a PDF only – no printing and mailing required.  If interested, please contact Jane Myneni.  To see past issues, please visit the Newsletter section of this site.