The decision to become a member of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Kern County represents an important milestone in your spiritual journey.  In joining us, you are making a public statement that you want to become more involved in the celebration and services of our community life, and committing yourself to become part of our liberal religious presence in Kern County and beyond.  We welcome you into our beloved community and look forward to sharing this ministry with you.

To become a member of our community there are several steps.  This is the usual path:

  • Participate in a Path to Membership class.
  • Sign the Membership Book.
  • Participate in a New Member Welcome ceremony, which is held twice yearly during a Sunday Worship Service.
  • Make a financial pledge and volunteer commitment to support our Shared Ministry.

Becoming a member signifies the beginning of a new covenantal relationship between us.  As a member of this congregation, you are a full participant in our ongoing shared ministry.  We hope you will get involved in ways that both nourish you spiritually and challenge you to give of yourself for others.

If you are ready to take that step toward membership, you may contact our minister, Reverend Summer Albayati, or Pam Taylor, our MemberCare Chair.