School Supply Collection for the Bakersfield Homeless Center

Each year before the school year begins, UUFKC members and friends collect back packs and school supplies for the children who reside at the Bakersfield Homeless Center. Sunday, August 7, has been designated as the day to collect these items.  Let us help these students start off the new school year with the tools they … Continued

Mysticism, Faith, Life — 3 Words To Live By

By Rev. Summer Albayati (This article was published in the UU Mystics Spring Newsletter) Embracing mysticism to me means embracing the idea that we can never know — truly know — what will happen in our lives. For me, this concept has challenged me in amazing ways. I have had to take that leap of … Continued

Arabian Nights Fundraiser – June 18

On June 18, UUFKC will host a very special fundraising event.  Don’t miss it! UUFKC will present a lovely evening of live music and belly dancing, featuring Al Wadi, a world music and dance ensemble.  Enjoy a delicious Mediterranean dinner, cultural music, and exotic atmosphere.  Wine and beer will be available. Celebrate the earthy call … Continued

Welcoming Congregation Vote

On Sunday, April 3, our congregation voted unanimously to become an official Welcoming Congregation, recognized by the UUA.  More information about this important moment in our congregation’s history will be posted here soon.   In the meantime, you can learn more about UUA Welcoming Congregations here: UUA Welcoming Congregations Program  

2016-17 Annual Pledge Drive

Our annual pledge drive for the 2016-17 church year runs from February 20 to March 12.  Our pledges are the main source of funding for our annual budget.  After the pledge drive, the Board will finalize the budget based on our projected income.  We are counting on our pledges to provide continued financial support for a … Continued