Looking for Speakers

Do you have a sermon in you?  Or, perhaps you know someone who would be a wonderful speaker for our fellowship.  We will soon be planning our Sundays for May and June, and our worship team is interested in hearing from you!  If you have a recommendation you would like the worship team to consider, … Continued

Guest at Your Table Update

On Sunday, November 19th, our Fellowship launched “Guest at Your Table,” the annual Unitarian Universalist Service Committee fundraiser supporting the UUSC’s work to advance human rights.  Many of you took home “Guest” boxes.  It is our hope that you remembered your special guests during this Holiday Season by placing money in the box equal to … Continued

First Service at Our New Location

This is a friendly reminder that Sunday, January 7th, we will be holding our first service in our new space, Huber Chapel, which is located on the campus of First Congregational Church. The service will begin at 10 am in the courtyard outside of the chapel.  If you arrive late and can’t find us it … Continued

We are moving: January 7 will be our first Sunday in our new location

An update on our upcoming move, from our Board President, Elaine LeCain: As of January 2, 2018, we will begin relocating to our new rented space at the First Congregational Church at 5 Real Road.  We will have use of Huber Chapel on Sunday mornings from 9 am until 1 pm.  We will share nursery space … Continued

We are moving! New location in early 2018

A note from our Board President, Elaine LeCain: At our annual Congregational Meeting in May of this year – after months of investigation, looking at options, and town hall meetings with Q&A – we voted to list our property at 98 Sterling Road.  This summer, a firm offer was made by our current buyer, and … Continued