“Racism – Our Country’s Original Sin”

As Unitarian Universalists, we like to think we are free of racism.  After all, we say we believe in “the inherent worth and dignity of every person” and “justice equity and compassion in human relations.”  But we may just need to explore the uncomfortable possibility that we are not as blameless as we had expected.  And … Continued

“Pray Like a Humanist”

There is an old joke about how Unitarian Universalists begin our prayers that is intended to mock us for the religious pluralism of our membership and the belief in continuously unfolding truth we advocate.  The truth in the joke is that Unitarian Universalists do pray even when if not to a higher power or for … Continued

“Disruptive Grace (Grace in Disguise)”

We live in a particularly disruptive time.  Much energy goes into adjusting to unexpected changes and trying to figure out what we do and don’t have control over, and, where hope lies.  Today we consider the presence of grace and affirm the power of free will. This week’s speaker will be Rev. Stephanie Etzbach-Dale.  Worship … Continued

“A Dream Was Had: What Now?”

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream.  It was a dream of inclusion, camaraderie, and acceptance.  Lately, it feels as though that dream is just that:  A dream.  Is there grace to be found in our current national predicament? Our speaker will be John M. Bloom-Ramirez, a UUA ministerial candidate.  Worship leader will be … Continued