First Service at Our New Location

This is a friendly reminder that Sunday, January 7th, we will be holding our first service in our new space, Huber Chapel, which is located on the campus of First Congregational Church.

The service will begin at 10 am in the courtyard outside of the chapel.  If you arrive late and can’t find us it is because we will be taking a brief tour of the FCC campus.  Please have a seat in the chapel and we will return shortly.

Huber Chapel is located on the southwest corner of the First Congregational Church campus.  The address for FCC is 5 Real Rd and it is at the northwest corner of Stockdale Hwy and Real Rd.

The easiest way to reach the chapel is to park in the parking lot that is located to the west of the chapel.  This parking lot is shared with the Henrietta Weill Child Guidance Clinic.  The entrance to this parking lot is on Stockdale Highway and you need to be traveling west on Stockdale to access it.  There is a gate from the parking lot into the courtyard.  The glass entrance doors to the chapel are in the courtyard.

First Congregational also holds their services at 10 am and they use the parking lots that are located on the north and east sides of their campus.